Why should employers obey a ‘human rights watchdog’ that sacks people with disabilities? | Vox Political


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If anyone tells you #Tories can be trusted with the economy, show them this | Vox Political #Economy #Uk 


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And This time its Personal Psychocompulsion & Workfare

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Dr Cornel West on Standing with the Native Americans, Teaching Public Philosophy and Castro

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

This is a clip from Democracy Now, in which the anchor, Amy Goodson, talks to the very distinguished radical Black professor, Dr. Cornel West. Dr. West is a radical Christian theologian and philosopher, standing up for the poor and minorities. In his personal appearance and speaking style, he reminds me of the great, progressive evangelical preachers of the 19th century, who campaigned against slavery and the exploitation of the poor in both America and Britain. His clothing style strikes me as rather 19th century, and when he talks, he describes people as ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. He’s campaigned for Bernie Sanders, and also for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green party.

In this segment, he talks about going to Standing Rock to show his solidarity with the water protectors and the Native peoples. He states that this is the greatest coming-together of the 200 First American nations since the 19th century…

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#Tories are unhappy about this graph being shared. Please share | Vox Political #Foodbanks 


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Liverpool City Council Tender Adults with a Learning Disability to the Cheapest Bidder

Benefit tales

The new social worker, the second in two months, looked from Marie to me. Marie had been assessed and offered a permanent place in the respite home she had visited over a five year period, originally introduced through Liverpool City Council. It had been 2 and 1/2 months since we had applied and six weeks since assessment had been completed so I was expecting this new social worker to come with good news. Instead, he said, ‘If we give you more support could she continue to live at home?’ I was taken aback. I’d been asking for more support for years, but now it was too late. Years of struggling had ruined my health and I told him so.
He nodded towards Marie. ‘You won’t get your choice of home because she’s going to be offered for tender on the care portal.’ He stated.
Now I was confused.’Offered for tender…

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Whistleblower lifts lid on ‘daily flood’ of complaints from disabled people about heartless PIP assessments – Daily Record

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Rail fare rises driven by demands of shareholders and foreign corporate owners | Vox Political


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Let’s rename the ‘housing crisis’ after the politicians, bankers and landlords who caused it | Vox Political


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Immigrants disguising themselves as Elf on the Shelf

News Toad


Many families hosting an Elf on the Shelf this Christmas may unwittingly be harbouring an illegal immigrant who left unattended would most likely take your job and convert your children to Islam according to UKIP leader  Paul Nuttall.

“Elf on the shelf is a tradition started by Muslims anyway. And now they’re using it do even more immigration.” Mr Nuttall explained.

“Immigrants already get a red carpet and their own helicopter when they arrive in Britain, but seemingly that’s not enough, and now they get to walk straight into  your front room, sit on your shelf, read your copy of the Daily Mail truning the pages with their foreign fingers, and help themselves to shit.

“They’re coming over from foreign climes and desecrating the British tradition of Christmas with their diversity and exciting cuisine. And pretending to be elves.”

Indeed UKIP have issued an information leaflet outlining ways to recognise…

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