Tory MP David Morris denies citizens accounts of the devastating impact of Tory policies

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This is part of the second of two special reports. ITV Granada Correspondent Daniel Hewitt investigates the rise of in-work poverty in the North West of England. You can watch the first report here.

The Conservatives have, on more than one occasion, tried to pass off evidence regarding the negative impacts of their policies as ‘anecdotal’ or as politically ‘biased’.  

Conservative MP David Morris has attempted to deny the accounts of rickets and  children going hungry because of poverty, saying claims are from schools ‘with links to leftwing group Momentum.’

Of course this approach also entails attempting to discredit dedicated public servants and constituents who dare to criticise government policies that are causing harm. 

A report by ITV earlier this week showed teachers at more than one school explaining that they had to wash their pupils’ uniforms because their families couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bills. The report was very…

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Theresa May scoffed lobster at secret £50k/head banquet hours after freezing benefits for millions of Brits | Evolve Politics

Britain Isn't Eating

Remember this next time you look into your cupboards and find them empty of food.

Or when you gas and electricity go out at 8pm and you have to wait a few days for pay or benefits before you can put money in the meter.

FFS, vote Labour at all council and general elections, don’t be a sheep taking in the MSM crap they spout about Corbyn , McDonnell or Labour in general, and join the party if you aren’t already a member!

Get these bastard #ToriesOut

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1% imposed rent reduction = £1.73 billion MORE in rent paid by the social tenant | Speye Joe

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Tory rag revives ‘benefit scrounger’ lie to smooth over DWP’s bad publicity | Vox Political

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DWP worker took more than £1,400 of other people’s benefit money | Vox Political

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Families with stable jobs at risk of homelessness in Britain, report finds | Society | The Guardian

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A job only half-done: Tories SAY they are dropping ESA and PIP Mandatory Reconsideration targets | Vox Political

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Department of Health silence over failure to highlight ESA suicide risk|Disability News Service

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Video: Corbaristas – Corbyn learns coffee skills to highlight #homelessness


Labour leader – and double peace-award winner – Jeremy Corbyn put in a shift today as a trainee barista to highlight the issues of homelessness and a charity that helps them creatively.

Corbyn was at Borough Market in London to visit the Change Please coffee cart, which trains homeless people to become baristas, pays them the London Living Wage and helps them with housing and mental health.

Showing some decent if not stellar pouring skills the Labour leader took the opportunity to highlight the contribution that homeless people can make, meeting a homeless man who won the Queen’s Medal for Bravery for saving a drowning person from the Thames and highlighting how even in adversity we can help each other:

For more information on Change Please, visit the charity’s website – and share this video to highlight the plight of the UK’s huge and increasing number of people, including 128,000…

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Disabled gran who attempted suicide after being found ‘fit for work’ has her benefits reinstated

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