Cameron takes heart as polls show just 4 people want Maria Miller to go

Pride's Purge


The PM David Cameron has brushed off claims that culture secretary Maria Miller should resign after he cited polls showing just 4 people out of 5 want her to go.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Cameron strongly reiterated his support for his embattled culture secretary:

I’ve looked closely at the polls and they clearly show that only 4 people want her to resign. Admittedly another poll showed 8 out of 10 people wanted her to go but that’s still only 8 people so it’s not very many people at all, is it?

Osborne – 20 million people want Miller to stay

The prime minister was strongly supported in his backing of the culture secretary by the government’s expert number-cruncher chancellor George Osborne who pointed out that recent polls indicated as many as 20 million people wanted Ms Miller to remain in her post out of a…

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