HMRC to privatise post handling

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Here we go again…. are you as a taxpayer happy about a private company scanning post that you send in to HMRC, which means they will have access to information such as your name, national insurance number, address, bank account details… in fact all the things needed for identity theft. Privatisation DOES NOT work; huge cock ups have been made by Swifts Bailiffs who were dealing with low level debts instead of the Debt Management & Banking (DMB) unit of HMRC, Transactis who were drafted in to deal with tax credit claims and TNT who were used instead of HMRCs internal post system who have lost files containing sensitive information when sending them to other tax offices.

HMRC is planning to privatise its postal handling arrangements, which it says will improve both the speed of which letters are answered and its phone service.

Following a three-month…

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