Mr Bigot… …runs away!

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MR BIGOT runs away

Mr Bigot was very brave.

And Mr Bigot was not like any other politician. Oh no. He was quite different.

He was going about his normal business – drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, persuading people to be afraid of immigrants – when he heard some interesting news.

A politician – and ordinary one, not anything like him at all – had been forced to resign. Apparently he had taken cash for questions. Dreadful. Nobody in Mr Bigot’s party would ever have done such a thing. Especially not that nice, honest Mr Hamilton, who helped Mr Bigot so much to make sure his party didn’t have even a whiff of corruption.

But that meant that there would be an election. A chance to become an MP. A real one, not a fake, European one. Mr Bigot was a fake, European MEP, but only to protest about Europe. He only took the money…

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