“We, the Elites..”


“We, the Elites, we lucky House of Mothers,
We have come to f*ck you over good and
Roll ourselves in all the four-leafed clover
We can hustle with our mediocre minds and
Hired muscle.

Hail, the Suckers on both sides!

Oh, we will drill you little people and the whole
Earth wide until we’ve had our fill and all the
World will know us by the swill we left and we
Won’t care until it’s way too late coz we believe
We’re worth it and you’re all just small collateral
And if there’s anything at all we’ve proved we
Know and like to do, it’s how to play the masses
And manipulate our assets. It’s a classic!

Never fails.

Oh, you can whine and wail and flail around but
We’re not going down unless you make us and,
In case you realise our clubby subterfuge is used
Because we’re terrified…

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