Why the Euro-elections will solve nothing.

The Slog

There is a sort of rigid cowardice on the liberal-Left that disables their thinking mechanisms, but does provide a dishonest rationale for doing nothing.
And there is a bullet-headed greed on the Right that requires them to sell a dishonest rationale for doing something…which something which is, almost always, ethically wrong.
As ever with Western “democracy” these days, that’s the choice we electors have: between those who would rather do nothing and thus make things worse – and those recklessly keen do something…and make things worse than ever.
But it really makes not a jot of difference who’s in power: the commonality above is that some poor devil will have to take extreme action further down the road, as a result of the dishonest excuses being invoked today.
The trouble is, the number of ciizens actually capable of grasping that inevitability is tiny. Among the self-appointed elite, of course, it’s…

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