Political Equations

Pride's Purge


Can you solve these political equations?

David Cameron  –  Nick Clegg  =  0

Ed Miliband  x  David Cameron  =  David Miliband

Alex Salmond³  –  Scotland  =  Nigel Farage

Tuition Fees  +  (Nick Clegg x Pledge)  =  Tuition Fees²

Nick Clegg  +  Pledge  =  Pledge  x  0

√ Nigel Farage  =  Enoch Powell

Tory Party  ÷  Europe  =   Ed Miliband  +  Nr 10

Nigel Farage  –  Public School  =  Nick Griffin

Lib Dems  –  Nick Clegg    Lib Dems  +  Nick Clegg

Nigel Farage  –  EU  =  0

IDS  ±  Frog  =  Cock³

NHS  x  (David Cameron + Nick Clegg) =  NHS  x  0

Bankers  + (Bonus³)  =  Recession³

Boris  –  Hair  =  Ken  +  (London Mayor x 2)

Chris Grayling  =  C*nt  x  


Do you disagree with any of my calculations? Can you think of any other political equations? Please feel…

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