School Bans Fish Because Of Pupil Allergy

Same Difference

A primary school in Swindon has banned fish ‘from the school environment’ because one pupil has a very severe fish allergy.

Robert Le Kyng Primary School wrote to parents in March, asking them to avoid putting fish or fish products in lunchboxes. The school also changed its menu to protect the student who suffers a severe anaphylactic reaction to any contact with fish.

Head teacher Susan Smith told the BBC this was a ‘life threatening issue’ and made it clear that the school would not have taken such a drastic action in any other situation.

She said this pupil’s fish allergy is the most severe food allergy among pupils at the school, although other children do have allergies.

She said the decision was not taken lightly.

Some parents feel they have not been consulted and the whole school should not be affected “for one child.”

However, personally I was very…

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