I think I started something. Social media profile picture changing as a protest.

max j freeman

Scroll down to next blog for the #100reasons not to vote UKIP piece, but not before you “like” me, there to the right, on Facebook.

A few weeks ago, I contacted Mark Thomas, the comedian.  I suggested that  we should ask people to change their social media pictures as a form of protest.


No one has done this before.

And its about to pick up.

I also launched a “trading card game” on social networks, something which has never been done before, and now I sound like I am showing off, but read on…

Working class people have great ideas every day.  We could use those ideas to make money. We don’t.  We use those ideas to try and make the lives of others better.  Our family, our friends, people we know on social networks, people who we have never even heard of.

Society is changing.  I wanted to mark…

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