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Over the weekend, it was suggested to me (by an old hand who should know) that an informal win-win deal exists between the Number Ten Press Office and several nationals – notably the Guardian and Telegraph – to maximise anti-Farage-Kipper-looney stories.

I can well believe it…and further investigation by The Slog has at least partially confirmed it. The Brechtian Alan Rusbridger is always up for the Szechuan Lie, and the Channel Island Twins remain big fans of Boris Johnson: the last thing they want to see is BoJo’s Coronation compromised by the Upstart Farrago. Today’s count of Home page anti-UKip stories at the Daily Telegraph is five.There are a similar number at The Guardian (although not as prominent) but the difference there is that its most distinguished columnist Simon Jenkins continues to be carefully sceptical and scrupulously fair. This is what he wrote today:

 ‘Tarnishing Ukip as a racist party…

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