DEMENTIA FRIENDS: a well-meaning idea to relieve symptoms, but also an excuse to do nothing about a cure.

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huntdementedIt’s better for people to keep their dignity, rather than live forever as a vegetable

Let us start the day by pondering the emerging campaign to have a Dementia Friend. I am entitled to be scurrilous on this subject, because my brother and I underwent a 3-year nightmare of dealing with our Alzheimered Dad and NICE at one and the same time a few years back. The experience has left me sad, but also incorrigibly cynical about fluffy-nicey-kissy-huggy movements such as the Dementia Friend initiative.

I’m all for the good guys showing initiative, but the problem of dementia in the Western world needs the sort of debate that vote-centric politicians are never, ever going to give us. The idea of 11 year-olds – however well-intentioned – searching out dementia friends for a time 60 years from now (when we will either have imploded as a species or solved the problem…

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