I cannot even recover from surgery without these bastards harassing me

Benefit tales

From the Facebook page ‘Atos Miracles’.

I have just had a doctor leave my house and he said that the rash over my body and breathlessness is because I have had an allergic reaction to the General Anesthetic I had last week, as I have had to have a biopsy and am still awaiting results. The doctor picked my letters up from the porch as he left my house and told me I must rest, I am in so much pain. The letters was one from my surgeon and the other was from DWP telling me I must comply and attend an interview on 2nd June or lose my benefits, as I am in WRAG. I could not attend my tribunal on 22nd June as I am recovering from biopsy and am too ill, my solicitor has asked them to postpone it. I have just had a major panic…

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