PREDICTABLE EURO-ELECTION RESULTS. Elites rush to miss the point. Slog moves to clarify it:

The Slog

junckermerkOne suspects that this is what the anti-EU vote was really about

The harder-Left’s response to anti-EU voting across the continent thus far can be summed up by one tweeter who wrote “far-Right racist hatred is surging”. Sod the calm analysis, let’s get the syntaxical-shout in there, and then move on to the next Utopian dream. However, as this results tabulation/part projection below suggests, I could just as easily tweet “Leftwing class hatred is surging”. What’s more, I’d be far more accurate in doing so:

ScreenHunter_82 May. 26 06.24But neither knee-jerk view in any way captures the voter sentiments being expressed in this election – by far the biggest of which was loveless indifference to the EU.

A huge proportion of the dissatisfaction out there is with the dictatorial insanity of Brussels-am-Berlin in general, and its Schäuble-driven austerity policy in particular. In France, of all the people I spoke to voting for LePen…

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