Council tax rises hit Britain’s poor hardest

Benefit tales

More than two million of the poorest people in England are facing rising council tax demands this year because of fresh Government cuts to the benefit system, new figures reveal today.

War widows, carers and the disabled are among 2.31 million people who used to be entitled to council tax benefit but have now had their support substantially reduced or taken away altogether. As a result, significant numbers of families have been pushed into debt, with a survey revealing that nearly 16,000 people in London alone have been referred to the bailiffs for non-payment.

Under changes to the benefits system that came into full effect this year, councils have lost nearly half a billion pounds that was previously provided by central government to cut or eliminate the council tax bills for local residents on low incomes. As a result millions of families on low incomes have received council tax demands…

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1 Response to Council tax rises hit Britain’s poor hardest

  1. jack says:

    maybe if council tax hadn’t be rigged by Thatcher after the Poll tax disaster the poorer homes wouldn’t be paying £1,000 a year for their Band A homes. As it is Thatcher rigged it so Band A homes pay about £500 a year too much if it was all based on property values, as it should be. Meanwhile those lovely £80m mansions in London will only ever pay 3x what the poorest pay, ie £3000 pa. This subsidy by the many Band A and Band B property owners that benefits the higher value homes/mansions seems to have slipped under the radar, and I wish Labour would simply amend the scheme so it is in fact based on property values, not the rigged scheme Thatcher put in place. This done we wouldn’t be having the poorest struggling to pay their council tax bills and could use the extra £500 to perhaps buy food or pay for heating ?

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