POVERTY: It’s not an illness and it isn’t accidental. Deal with it.

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Much as I admire the tireless work done by the Rowntree Trust, there are times when its desire to avoid controversy gets a little silly. In particular, I’m referring to its tendency to write about poverty as if it might be an indiscriminate virus.

These are the main factors that create poverty:

* Macro-economic and fiscal mercantile globalism

* Credit given to those who can’t handle it

* Familial culture

* Media-based materialism

* Low IQ

* Neoliberal ideas about social stability

* Welfare dependency

* Sheer idleness

* Drink and drugs

* Mental illness.

Many things on that list are far from being mutually exclusive. But it beats me why the JRF seems so desperate to make poverty’s existence seem accidental. It’s almost as if they want the history books to say ‘1347 – Black Death, 1666 – Great Plague…

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