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It’s a funny thing, but I really do think I’ve been near to top form this week. And during that week, my current Twitter identity followers have dropped from 93 to 84. This might tell us all something about Twitter, I fancy.

It’s not a problem for me, as the original account (still active, but I’m not allowed to access it – only copy to it) stands at just over 2,800 people. Those followers remain extraordinarily loyal: I’m not entirely sure why, but it does point up one of the ever-present features of being an Internet Voice: churn.

‘Churn’ is the net difference between new users who arrive, and all users who leave. Most people fail to appreciate just how fluid one’s “following” is on things like Facebook, a blog, or Twitter.

For example, at The Slog there is a fairly steady following of, at a minumum, 7,000 readers; but…

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