Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Debacle: Why it is important where we go next

Westminster Confidential

Today (mon) home secretary Theresa May, will face a barrage of criticism in Parliament for her office’s failure to twice find a suitable person to chair the much needed historic child sex abuse inquiry

Losing not one chair but  two – Baroness Butler Sloss and Fiona Woolf – because of potential conflicts of interest in a matter of weeks smacks of real incompetence by a department that should know better. it also caused severe embarrassment both to the people appointed and to the home secretary herself.

But I hope today is seen not just as an opportunity for ” yah boo” politics between Labour and the Tories but for a more reflective discussion of how we got here and what is needed to put it right.

What cannot be denied is that the home secretary did not entirely fulfil what she promised the ” magnificent seven ” MPs requested in drawing…

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1 Response to Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Debacle: Why it is important where we go next

  1. GMB says:

    GMB Whisteblower whose allegations led to Operation ‘Fernbridge’…or should I say Operation ‘Where the Patient Died’.
    ‘I am sure there will be Climbiest type recommendations when this sham is over – but getting to the bottom or should I say top of it will never happen. Why? The powers that be i.e. 99% of MPs past and present, ‘journalists’ and Law Enforcers are either too scared or too busy preserving their careers and protecting their pensions. Well all of you – the establishment types – know what this is all about and who and what it is protecting – as Jack said in the film ‘You can’t handle the truth! Perhaps Russell Brand is closer to the truth than you lot. I hope he is.’

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