Confessions of a non-violent radical

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Why should peaceful radicalism need to attract violent repression?

If you ever wonder what happened to Nick Clegg, then I can tell you that between naps today, he has been rude about a footballer who plays for Sheffield United, and moaned on LBC Radio that the Conservative Party has “torn up the Manifesto promise” to devote 0.7% of the gdp to foreign aid. That’s it.

Even in the most easy-going of worlds, it would be hard to call Cleggie’s daily schedule punishing, or what he has to say remotely interesting. One could argue that Ed Miliband works far harder (and he does) but is equally unconvincing….thus Slick Nick is more efficient. However, all things are relative: Miliband and Clegg are simply totally and largely pointless respectively.

Before new readers dismiss this as fatsmugtory writing in the style of Toby Young or Daniel Hannan, let me make it clear that I…

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