More revelations of child abuse at MPs flats in Dolphin Square (#Whitehall #UK #Politics #ChildAbuse)

Order Of Truth

mpdolphA few days ago we wrote an article highlighting the shortcomings of investigations into claims of institutional child abuse in the corridors of power, and how no significant progress seems to have been made by the police – let alone the arrest of prominent and powerful figures still alive.

Today, we write about more revelations concerning the sexual and very violent abuse of young boys by politicians, senior civil servants, and others at Dolphin House, an apartment complex in Pimlico close to the House of Commons which MPs and Lords use as their London base.

The extent of child abuse by those entrusted with governing the country is astonishing. Although many of the allegations relate to historic abuse, mainly in the 70s and 80s, there is no reason to believe that sickening and depraved acts are not rife among the corridors of power today.

Those in power think they can…

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