What’s Troubling Disabled People About The Tania Clarence Case?

Same Difference

A woman who killed her three disabled children by smothering has been sentenced to a hospital order. The judge’s ruling sparked an online debate that has been overwhelmingly sympathetic to Tania Clarence’s situation, but some aren’t happy with the reaction.

Clarence’s solicitor Richard Egan explained outside court that the mother was “overwhelmed” by her situation, that the “daily struggle” of caring for her children eventually overcame her “ability to cope with the enormity of the task she faced.”

The most popular reaction from the public was one of empathy for Clarence, a depressed woman looking after three young, disabled children. One person wrote on the Daily Mail comments section: “How anyone could cope in this situation is beyond me. Healthy children are hard enough work, but 3 profoundly ill children…it would be non-stop and watching them die.”

But for others the case has ignited anger, in particular people with…

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