Capitalism is not “human nature”

max j freeman

1000 children Max J Freeman on capitalism,

“Socialism hasn’t ever worked.  It can’t work, it’s just not human nature”  Every old Tory you ever met…

Capitalism is not human nature.  Capitalism is in the human nature of some, and only some.  It’s in the nature of the greedy and the mean. Socialism, is the natural order of human life, without it, we would never have survived the stone age.  Socialism is merely the banding together of a society, for the common benefit of all in that society.

In a truly capitalist society, everyone would fend for themselves.  Atlas would, in the words of Rand, “shrug” indeed. 

Taxation, the method of distributing wealth would be limited, allowing the rich to grow richer.

Teachers would be labelled as feckless.

Firefighters would be promised pensions only to see them cut, and called Lazy, because they are not saving lives for every second that they are…

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