Some people have no idea… Homelessness as described by a Tory.

The poor side of life

This week I had an interesting conversation. Whilst in manchester on Wednesday I had noticed the massively increasing number of homeless people on the streets. I had a good chat with some of them and bought them something to eat and drink. They need to keep warm. It’s getting cold out there. I happened to bring this up in conversation and this is how my Tory “friend” replied… He said “I don’t know of any homeless person that doesn’t want to be homeless. They like living like that and it’s their choice to live like that”. I responded and stated the obvious. That it’s not a lifestyle choice. They have no choice. They’ve ran out of options and can’t afford to stay anywhere else. They might have had nice homes, jobs, families. Then something happened. They could have lost their job, their relationship might have broken down or they could…

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