Dear Ed and George


Dear Ed and George.

Today, on the Andrew Marr show, the debate between you on public finances and macroeconomic policy seemed to reach new lows.

1.  The focal point of today was the part-leak-part-preannouncement of policy.  Surely better for all to wait until the Autumn Statement itself?  Instead, George succumbs to the temptation to try to extract more good news and a weekend political victory, hoping to catch Ed out on the sofa.

2.  For your part, Ed,  it was mystifying to hear you say simply that your NHS funding plans would be on top of whatever the Tories were announcing or meaning.  Presumably there would be some extra amount of money that would mean the Mansion-Tax-funded £2.5bn a year would not be needed?

3.  Both of you are stuck unable to describe fiscal policy in macroeconomically literate terms [insult borrowed from Simon Wren Lewis].  Why don’t you face up…

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