UK libel laws protect psychotherapist branded “risk to female patients”

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

A psychotherapist who was struck off by the UK Council for Psychotherapy for serious sexual misconduct – and was described by them in a report as a “risk to female patents” – is threatening anyone who reveals his identity with libel:

I get a legal threat from a struck-off psychotherapist

Rich and powerful sexual predators like Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith also used UK libel laws to prevent anyone from investigating – and putting a stop to – their evil crimes.

UK libel laws are a joke.

They exist simply in order to allow the rich, the influential, the powerful and the downright criminal to threaten people to shut the f*ck up about their wrongdoings.


More details here:

UKCP strikes off psychotherapist

Struck-off psychotherapist rebrands himself

I get a legal threat from a struck-off psychotherapist


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