Whilst people are celebrating people are suffering.

The poor side of life

I won’t be involved in any new year celebrations. i don’t have the money and neither can I justify it whilst people are suffering. I was walking past Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre today. Two people stopped me. Both with the same story. They stopped my money at Christmas. I had nothing. I’ve tried to get an explanation from them but they are saying that I’m sanctioned but they won’t tell me why, they say they won’t help me. This isn’t unusual it’s an everyday event sadly. It has to stop. In light of this Im not making New Years resolutions but I feel that this government should make some. So here are some that You might think are appropriate.
The abolition of the cruel sanctioning system…. This is a cruel system and is meant to demoralise and punish the poor for being poor. We want it stopped too many people…

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