Just what is going on with Gideon?

max j freeman


What is going on with Gideon?  Followers of politics will know that George (nee Gideon) Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has been looking a bit ropey at PMQ’s lately.  

But today, George looked worse than ever.  

It has been alleged in the past, that George has been involved in the taking of cocaine, an allegation that he strenuously denies.  But surely there must be a reason for his constantly dishevelled state?  If this man is in need of help, then it is important that he gets it.  People in power are not immune to mental ill health, nor to the lure of drink and drugs.  But surely if the electorate can see that there is something hugely wrong with George Osborne, then his compatriots must also.

Peace at all costs.

Max J Freeman.

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