Fuck Landlords, Fuck Politicians, It’s Time To Take Our City Back From The Rich

the void

right-to-buyIn a world run for people, not private profit, sorting out a place to live would be no big deal. There are already far more empty homes than there are homeless people. They are not even that expensive to build – bricks are cheap. At least not so expensive that building your own home would be a project that takes a lifetime. And that’s how long most of us end up paying for them.

The cost of buying a home is so huge that most of the shrinking few with the incomes to consider it have to take out a 25 year loan at eye-watering interest rates. The rest of us spend much of our working lives making our landlords richer as rents take up an ever higher slice of wages.

Of course this only applies if you are poor, or even just not particularly rich. We may spend our…

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