Big Business vs Ed Miliband


In the last week or so a number of wealthy businessmen have given interviews in which they have criticised Ed Miliband and Labour for being anti-business. While I don’t particularly feel the urge to go in to bat for Miliband or Labour, this strikes me as ludicrous on two counts.

The first is the frankly laughable proposition that the minute differences between Labour and the Tories on their attitudes towards big business represents the difference between prosperity and catastrophe. I don’t know how any journalist can’t write up these interviews with a straight face. Of course Labour will show favouritism to different business people than the Tories have, but if Labour win, life ain’t going to get much tougher for big business. It may cost the top executives a few thousand pounds if the mansion tax goes through and if the 50p rate is brought back, and this is probably…

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