Cameron’s ‘Brave New World’ Erm ‘Big Society’ Erm ‘Democracy’


DER Comment:  “Cast your mind back a few years to when Call me Dave was parading round Libya glad handing the locals and praising himself for giving them democracy, nice one Dave, a real political triumph. What they got is anarchy and it is coming our way. Labour were no better as Blair had his nose up Gaddafi’s proverbial. Thank the Lord Cameroon did not get the chance to bomb Syria and help the IS death cult. Politicians like Bliar and Call me Dave caused this mess for their own ends and You and I will face the consequences. I just hope I’m not on the tube when the next bomb goes off.”  Yep an utter mess really.

DER Comment: “We are going to end up with a bigger mess than we have now. The SNP are wetting themselves in anticipation of selling their allegance to the…

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