#IWD Dr Lisa McKenzie: The Quiet Man Versus The Gobby Woman.

New Approach

Lisa McKenzie Class War Chingford 2015

International Women's Day
Election fever has started, daily poll updates are now being broadcast in the mainstream media, and Wednesday afternoon Prime Minister’s question time in parliament is hardly audible over the frenzied shouting and braying which seems to becoming louder and hostile as every week passes. Watching this spectacle in the mainstream press, and the daily ‘Election 15’ updates that are now on every news program you would never guess that there are millions of people in the United Kingdom who are totally disconnected to this ritual, and spectacle. But more frighteningly disempowered and unrepresented by this system of elite and distant constitution of politics. 

 After 5 years of a coalition government formed in the middle of the worst banking crisis we have experienced since the 1930’s. The Con-dems have managed a shrinking economy, and balancing a debt it gained from bailing out a corrupt and failed banking system, by cutting public…

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