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10534673_673759979360200_9173930462113592426_nSocialism has never been about division and exclusion, yet there are some that have rigid ideas about who and what can properly be labelled “socialist.”

I call this elitist perspective “narxism,” as protagonists, drawn from several scattered, disparate camps, tend to be perpetually disgruntled, often aggressive and they don’t half nark a lot. Narxists tend to have a highly selective and limited grasp of what Marxism entails.

Included under this rubric are neomilitants, Trotskyists, nationalists and some anarchists and nihilist revolutionaries, many of the greens and the “none of the above” group. (NOTA, who advocate voting for no-one in order to register “protest”.)

Robert Livingstone compiled a list of the various fringe parties, each claiming left-wing status: Behold, the united left.

Oh, and The People’s front of Judea.  Image result for small wink emoticon copy and paste

There are some people amongst these various fragmentary groups that state plainly that they would rather see another Tory…

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