Osborne’s razor: the Tory principle of parsimony is applied only to the poorest

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The BBC reports that leaked documents from the Department for Work and Pensions suggest the government is planning a regional benefits cap, reducing child benefit, taxing disability benefits and reducing eligibility for the carers’ allowance.

The proposals are aimed at helping to save £12 billion from the welfare budget by 2017/18.

The Conservatives have of course insisted that the proposals were “not party policy.” Yet. They dismissed the leaked report as “ill-informed and inaccurate speculation”  However, the documents were prepared by civil servants and commissioned by Conservative Party officials.

These are the key proposals in the report:

  • Industrial Injuries Compensation Scheme – could be replaced by companies providing industrial injury insurance policy for employees. Any that did not would become members of a default national industrial injuries scheme, similar to the programme for asbestos sufferers.
    DWP predicted saving – £1bn
  • Carer’s Allowance – this could be restricted to those eligible…

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