Private Eye on the Numbers Who Won’t Be Able to Claim Universal Credit

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Private Eye also has a piece in their ‘In the Back’ column criticising IDS’ flagship Universal Credit. It reports that the Minister for Chequebook Genocide has announced that people on UC have been found to be five per cent more likely to find work within four months.

The Eye states that the people lucky enough to qualify for the benefit comprise less than one per cent of the seven million, who will be subject to the new benefit. The article also notes that it’s only been implemented in a small number of areas and given to people with straightforward needs and uncomplicated claims. The Eye also states that what was not mentioned, when IDS announced it would be rolled out across England, Wales and Scotland by 2016 was how few would qualify for the benefit.

There are 23 qualifying criteria itemised in a ‘knock-out’ list given to job centres in…

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