Tears, chocolates and the poor should starve because they deserve it. 

The poor side of life

Yesterday’s demo was a very mixed bag but very positive. Not long after we arrived a local buisness owner who claimed to be a Tory started shouting that the poor should go hungry. They do nothing but sit around doing nothing. They do nothing for society. You know the rethoric. He was very loud and very insulting to the unemployed that were talking to us and gathering leaflets off us. He claimed that they don’t turn up for interviews… We tried to explain that when the Jobcentre send people on these interviews they often force unqualified people to do so. People also can’t afford the transport if not local and they don’t do this on purpose. They know if they don’t turn up then they will get sanctioned, but sometimes it’s not an option. They just can’t attend. Then he stated that they mess interviews up on purpose… So we…

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