UK, despite sponsoring civil war, backs naval blockade of Libyan coast and boat burning


In a perverse reflection of the outrageous ‘send in the gunboats to deal with the cockroaches [refugees]’ and the ‘burn their boats’ rants by an LBC radio and Sun ‘journalist’, the British Government has signalled it will support a European Union naval blockade of the Libyan coast (and destruction of people smuggling boats) in order to stem the tide of refugees and migrants escaping the various wars in Africa and the Middle East. Yet it was the British Government that was pivotal in the destabilisation of Libya and the wider region, which, consequently, saw the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the civil wars that these refugees are fleeing from. This latest move to prevent more drownings is simply an enhancement of ‘Fortress Europe’ and is in stark contrast to the ‘sea-shepherd’ style rescue vessels that are increasingly taking direct action to assist the refugees – see more below…

The blatant…

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