Why housing campaigns are flogging a dead house

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  1. Chris says:


    London is being socially cleansed but faces a future of empty homes and overgrown gardens of absentee owners, with no local shops or businesses.

    The rest of the country is having social housing abolished, so that councils can make money from developers.

    There is a way to bring social housing back.

    There is the biggest socialist group of candidates running for Thursday 7 May in 60 years.

    The parties do not need to be big enough to form a UK government.

    The SNP is kingmaker only with the chance of winning all 59 seats in Scotland, for all of the UK, by the coming minority / severe hung parliament (means, no party reaches the 326 MP minimum threshold required to rule a UK parliament).

    TUSC alone is running 113 MP candidates in England. If you add the other smaller parties that all offer social housing, any state pension at all instead of NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE coming next year for many, banning sanctions and workfare and ending the benefit cruelty.

    Then you get a bloc of over 150 new MPs, guaranteed anti austerity.

    When add the anti austerity parties of Plaid Cymru from Wales and SNP from Scotland, then this group of MPs will be equal to either Tory or Labour in the UK government.

    This means the votes for austerity will be well nigh impossible to pass by Tory or Labour.

    And came across another way an MP can change things within weeks in the UK government.

    Statutory Instrument that can amend law, by the SI giving 28 days notice and so the amendment could pass within 5 weeks of this Thursday.

    Passing new laws takes at least 2 years.

    Come out and vote on Thursday 7 May
    Come out and vote different on Thursday 7 May.

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