A little word about legal aid.. The issue that’s not discussed anymore. 

The poor side of life

When the legal aid system was “reformed” there wasn’t the outcry that you would expect there to be. Solicitors, lawyers and barristers went on strike and protested outside courtrooms. But no one took any notice. The apathy from the public was astounding. Maybe some people didn’t realise that this was happening and other people thought that it didn’t matter because it wouldn’t affect them.

I didn’t take either of those views. I knew that it would be devestating, especially to women and children who were often forced to use the courts for child custody cases etc. I myself had used the legal aid system in the past and it was a lifeline. I also had to return to court when the legal aid system had stopped and I now owe a debt that will take me years to pay off.

What’s the result of the legal aid cuts? People hiding…

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