Time to remember, time to put pressure on the Department of works and pensions. 

The poor side of life

It’s a strange thing, if you or I were to kill someone or knowingly cause another person physical harm then we would expect, quite rightly to get punished for it.

Since 2011 many many people have died and suffered as a result or this governments and The Department of works and pensions actions. I’ve seen the results of this myself, in my home town. The so called flagship town for Universal Credit.

Not everyone realises that the DWP and the government are refusing to give anyone the estimated figures of those deaths. I say estimated because I’m very sure that any figures that they release will be around 1/4 of the actual reality of the situation. The DWP have been called upon to release these figures, I suppose they want the election to be over before they do this. Why? Because who will knowingly vote for a political party with…

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  1. Chris says:

    Ah now we are talking about the university defined INSTITUTIONALISED HOMICIDE.

    For institution read government.

    Government passes law.

    Government can therefore make itself legal to kill.

    This is the DNR – Liverpool Care Pathway aka Euthanasia.

    This is not a do not resuscitate order alone, but a note signed by a doctor giving permission for the hospital to starve and thirst a patient to death even if not terminal. Neither the patient nor the next of kin have the right to be informed, nor is it an offence not to do so.

    Unless you have direct evidence of one person causing the death of another, the government will be hard to take to court, bearing in mind they have access to all our taxpayer funded money.

    Whatever information gained from the so-called guilty party, the government, will have been cleansed of any wrongdoing in law. Government is hardly going to incriminate themselves.

    Only political propaganda in government by new MPs using UK parliament privilege could even attempt to do that.

    Vote different.
    See how we are heading for a Tory government by default unless we vote for different parties.
    Who are these different parties?

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