ANALYSIS: U-turn if you want to, neoliberalism is for burning

The Slog

burnmoneyForward to the Past with Deflation economics

Having burned close to $30 trillion worldwide since 2008, banks and tax collectors are now keen  to burn paper money for good. But that will make flat economies dive further. A strong Dollar, eurozone QE, Troika fiscal obsessions, and élites trying various ways out of neoliberal dysfunction. Does anyone know what they’re doing? The Slog offers an interpretation.

Cast your minds back to those days of yore when The Great Satan was Inflation…to those times when the inflation of the Nation was deemed equal to the funny of the money. Do you remember when governments would fall if annual inflation crept beyond 8%….those years when La Thatch of Blue Rinse was not for turning?

Oh, that heady decade: the austerity we had to go through – the cuts we had to endure – in order to walk tall with low inflation and no…

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