Pass the S.A.L.T Bad boy Putin to buy himself some new toys.

max j freeman

Vladimir with one of his toys.  Vladimir with one of his toys.

My regular reader will know that I am no fan of war,in any form.  There is no greater symbol of a failure of government than to send out its children to die.  Neither am I a great one for conspiracy theory.  There is no need to dream up nonsense, when merely studying the form of the Mainstream Media, and governments around the world veritably vomits a smorgasbord of corruption via a simple reading of multiple independent news sites.

Today, Vladimir Putin has announced that the West has nothing to fear from his plan to add 40 new ICBMs to Russia’s arsenal  At which point NATO accused him of sabre rattling.

Our media will be full of analysis, risk assessment,  and hyperbole about the dangers of despots in the Kremlin.  And to an extent I agree.  The greatest danger of nuclear weapons is not…

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