Iain Duncan Smith in a Pickle – Fibbing, Again!

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Iain Duncan SmithIain Duncan Smith: not Waving, but Drowning. 

Only last week Iain Duncan Smith – our Boss at the DWP and ruler of the 35 Hour a Week Jobsearch – made a fool of himself.

Mr Duncan Smith said he had no problem with the increased use of food banks: ‘Most of my colleagues are usually involved with food banks and actually help them.

‘I welcome food banks. I welcome decent people in society trying to help others who may, for various reasons, have fallen into difficulty.

‘I don’t accept the single cause of that is to do with the welfare reforms, quite the contrary.

‘Food bank usage has been rising over a period. It was never part of the British system, but in Germany where their welfare payments you can argue are higher, 1.5 million a week use food banks, much more than they do here.’

Daily Mail.

The Mirror

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