Jeremy Corbyn and Some Maths

Waiting for Godot

It would be nice to think… I’ll start again, for those who would like an effective opposition it would be nice to think that the Times have it wrong and Corbyn can’t possibly be 17% ahead in the Labour Leadership polls.

But just in case it isn’t another witty exercise by YouGov in trolling the Labour Party I thought I’d take a short look at one of Corbyn’s few concrete pronouncements about tax. Because, as Jim Pickard of the Financial Times has observed, he isn’t exactly inviting scrutiny of his economic policy:

Speaking on Sunday Politics earlier this week – and you can watch it here from 18.13. He said this:

I would bring back the 50 pence rate. It does bring in more money. It would help to deal with some of the problems with spending.

When asked…

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