The Tories are in charge and the country is a mess. 

The poor side of life

We are now into our second term of having a Tory government. I, amongst many cried again when they won the last general election, just like I did the time before. My immediate thoughts were that they were going to ruin this country and to destroy the poor. I really wasn’t wrong was I?

I remember living under Thatchers rule or “that woman” as we had to call her. Her name couldn’t be uttered in our house. My father lost his job as a steel worker and as a result he became unemployed. I remember having no decent shoes to wear, all had holes underneath that I used to fill with cardboard. But that wasn’t unusual then, most of my friends did the same thing.

I remember food bring short, and my mother managing to spread a small amount of food between us all. I remember the coal strikes and…

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