Lower than Cockroaches: Ian Duncan Smith and his Persecution of Victims of the Bedroom Tax

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Cockroaches probably come pretty low on most people’s list of lovable animals. Nevertheless, disgusting as they are, they do have their positive points. There’s supposed to be a species, which has passages running through its body through which it passes digested food to its young. Who would have thought that an insect like that would have developed maternal feelings?

Sadly, all such tenderness has departed from Ian Duncan Smith, in whose breast the milk of human kindness dried up long ago, leaving only the bitterest gall and vinegar. On Wednesday, a woman, who had been so traumatised by the harassment, stalking and her own rape by a former partner, that she had a panic room installed by the police, won her court case against the DWP over the Bedroom Tax. This was too much for the Gentleman Ranker, who immediately appealed. He also laughed about the poor woman and her…

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