US presidential candidate Sanders overtaking Clinton, poll says

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Hillary Clinton and Uzbek dictator Karimov, Reuters photo

This 2012 photo shows present United States Democratic party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with the dictator of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov. Though Mr Karimov boils oppositionists alive, Ms Clinton, then US Secretary of State, agreed to supply him with United States weapons, and called Karimov ‘her friend’.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Hillary Clinton Smears Sanders on Gun Control After Serving as Arms Dealer to Authoritarian Regimes

12 January 2016

ENOUGH! Bernie Sanders has a sound and credible policy on addressing the gun control issue. Hillary Clinton, however, rings as phony as a three dollar bill when you tout your concern over violence after serving as a lead liaison as Secretary of State to sell arms to authoritarian regimes (who gave MILLIONS to the Clinton Foundation).

Saudi Arabia being TOPS on that list, a nation NOW bombing Doctors without Borders hospitals. Sane…

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