Adam Perkins, Conservative narratives and neuro-neoliberalism

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164204381.pngI had a little discussion with Richard Murphy yesterday, and I mentioned that the right-wing think tank, the Adam Smith Institute, had endorsed the controversial work of Adam Perkins –The Welfare Trait.”

Richard, a well respected economist, has written an excellent article: The Adam Smith Institute is now willing to argue that those on benefits are genetically different to the rest of us on the Tax Research UK site, which I urge you to read. 

He says “What you see in this is the deliberate construction of an argument that those on benefits are genetically different from other people. The consequences that follow are inevitable and were all too apparent in the 1930s. And this comes from a UK think tank much beloved for Tory politicians.”

Eugenics in a ball gown

The government is currently at the centre of a United Nations inquiry into abuses of the…

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