Secular Talk on How the New York Times Saw Hitler’s Anti-Semitism as ‘Political Cleverness’

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This is another extremely interesting and very relevant piece from Secular Talk. Kulinski discusses how someone went back to the first mention of Adolf Hitler in the New York Times. The newspaper first mentions the future Fuehrer in an article of Tuesday, 21st November 1922. The piece astonishingly hails Hitler’s anti-Semitism as an astute electoral tactic, designed to get the votes of the German uneducated masses, who would be otherwise unable to grasp the subtle complexities of his real policies. The article confidents expects that once Adolf was in power, he’d drop the anti-Semitism, or wouldn’t carry out what he was threatening to do.

Kulinski draws the obvious parallel with Trump today. He makes the point that he doesn’t like comparing Trump to Hitler, as Hitler was one of the worst people ever. He feels a little more comfortable comparing Trump to Mussolini. But here the parallels between Trump…

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