Shocking new academic study shows Osborne’s austerity measures killing “vulnerable” elderly in England

Pride's Purge

A truly shocking new academic paper shows there is a clear link between rising old-age mortality rates in England and George Osborne’s austerity measures.

The study published by the Royal Society of Medicine concludes:

“Rising mortality rates among pensioners aged 85 and over were linked to reductions in spending on income support …”

and that:

“… austerity measures in England have affected vulnerable old-age adults”.

To be fair, Osborne probably needed to take the money off someone to pay for his massive tax cuts for the wealthy.

Not to mention MPs’ pay rises …


Here’s the abstract of the paper:

Objective: There has been significant concern that austerity measures have negatively impacted health in the UK. We examined whether budgetary reductions in pension credit and social care have been associated with recent rises in mortality rates among pensioners aged 85 and over.

Setting: 324 lower tier local authorities in England


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