This is how long David Cameron spent talking about Tory cuts at PMQs


“Today’s PMQs was one of the longest in living memory after David Cameron hounded Jeremy Corbyn for ‘sharing a platform with extremists’.

What didn’t take so long were his answers to the questions the Labour leader actually asked.

That, after all, is the long-established point to Prime Minister’s Questions. (The clue’s in the name).

So we decided to tot up all the available video footage of the Prime Minister answering Jeremy Corbyn ‘s actual questions, all of which were about Tory cuts.”

1. Council services 0 seconds

Jeremy Corbyn: Nine of the 10 most deprived councils are set to see cuts higher than the national average, and eight face cuts more than three times the national average. That means less money for youth services, for adult social care, and for those in the areas with the greatest need. The Prime Minister used to say, “We are all in it together.”…

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