Top Tories’ shameless attempts to whitewash themselves out of Tory bullying scandal

Pride's Purge

The shameless attempts by top Tories to whitewash their involvement in the tragic bullying to suicide of young Elliott Johnson is a sight to behold.

At Elliott’s inquest, Paul Abbott  – the CEO of the Thatcherite organisation Conservative Way Forward at the time Elliott was sacked – had the breathtaking audacity to claim he and the organisation too were victims of bullying by Clarke.

This is a lie.

They weren’t. They were in on it. Leading members of CWF were as thick as thieves with Clarke. Abbott himself was a close friend of Clarke. Here is Abbott (on the left) being ‘bullied’ by Clarke:


And the Chair of CWF at the time – Donal Blaney – was also close friends of Clarke. Here he is also being ‘bullied’ by Clarke:

clarke blaney

The horrible truth is CWF sacked poor Elliott for complaining about Clarke. Elliott took his life just a month after receiving this letter from CWF:

“Further to your email…

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